Friday, April 07, 2006

Intel as featured on Barron's

The story of Intel's (INTC) amazing cheapness, caused by market neglect, has been picked up by the main stream media. On Thursday April 6, 2006 Tiernan Ray wrote an article Intel Turning Into a True Value (Sub req) in Barron's that reported chit chat from sell-side analysts on Intel.

The common element is that Intel's product road map, of energy efficient microprocessors based on new designs, looks better than (AMD) roadmap of trying to copy whatever Intel is doing. As well Apple is using only Intel chips in their new Macintoshes. If Apple can gain market share from other PC makers, that will put more of Intel's output into the hands of a "hard" customer that won't use AMD chips, unlike Dell or HP.

I've made the case for investing in Intel in a previous article back in March,".Intel for value investors", and as information about Intel's value potential gets out, the stock should experience a nice lift. This is rare chance for value investors to purchase a semiconductor stock cheaply.


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