Sunday, April 23, 2006

JMP Securities 5th Annual Research Conference. Sell side for the rest of us.

San Francisco based Investment Bank JMP Securities has put archived webcasts of presentations from their 5th Annual Research Conference. JMP covers a diverse set of small and mid cap companies, with an emphasis on Technology, Healthcare, Consumer, Real Estate, Financial Services and Business Services. This conference has something for everyone.

One thing that smaller investment banks should do is publicize and promote their research and investor conferences with the general public. Investment banks do sell-side research in order to promote interest in their underwriting clients. It is not done as part of disinterested quest for pure knowledge. IMHO you are going to do sell side research, then investment banks need to realize that the public is a big and growing part of the buy side. Companies should ask that their underwriters make their research publicly available as part of the underwriting services package.

Restricting research full conferences to institutional clients is silly. More investment banks should adopt the model of ThinkEquity Partners or Flagstone Securities by having a blog and regularly releasing bits of their research to the public.


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